The Elderly Brothers


- Performing a wide range of music from the fifties, sixties & seventies -

- We also perform Original Material, Carolina Beach Music,  Mo Town & Do-Wop -

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Back in the 1990's, Ken was in Nashville, playing, writing and recording music. Here are a few MP3 clips from several of his original songs that he recorded during that time. Some of his original songs are currently being aired on FM stations in Australia. Click on each song name to hear the clips.

(Though these clips all have a country flavor, we are not a country band and perform a much wider range of music today)

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LIST of Some of the Songs we perform


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Call Ken @ (828) 508-5566 for booking information


Check back often for updates and information.

We update our schedule as we get bookings & will give you mapping information when available.

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Call Ken @ (828) 586-5420 for booking information


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